About Us

A Different Appproach

HRimpacts was created to help businesses achieve their goals by optimizing the performance of their people. Our approach is to ensure that people are supported by systems that will improve their ability to help the organization succeed – and raise their commitment to doing so.

Because our expertise in organizational systems is underpinned by a business perspective, you can depend on us to deliver effective, practical plans that include meaningful measures of success. When requested, we will also assist with implementation.

It is this combination of our business-driven approach, strategic focus, and ability to execute that makes us unique.

You can learn more about our process and key focus areas in the Services section of our website.


We believe that mutually understood commitments are necessary to create the breakthrough partnerships to which HRimpacts is dedicated.

Clients who work with us can expect:

  • A focus on achieving business outcomes
  • A customized approach based on an understanding of your specific needs
  • Efficient and effective use of your time
  • Transparency related to deliverables and timelines
  • Confidentiality and a high degree of professionalism
  • A fair and competitive fee structure

From our clients, HRimpacts expects:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Access to needed documents and people
  • A willingness to hear the hard truths
  • Courage to make change

Our Founder

Mary Chasin, founder of HRimpactsOur founder, Mary Chasin, has been helping leaders achieve their business goals through people for over 20 years. She has led and executed key leadership, culture and engagement programs designed to support the success and continued growth of their organizations.

Ms. Chasin has held senior-level strategic human resources positions at three UnitedHealth Group companies and at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a major healthcare system based in Ohio. She has partnered with leaders in the areas of legal, finance, IT, public relations, customer service, sales, communications and operations.

Her experience is complemented by a Master of Business Administration and undergraduate degree in Economics, both earned with honors.

In addition, Ms. Chasin has helped organizations grow and change strategically by serving as an officer on their boards and by providing pro bono professional services to non-profit groups. She is an active participant in several professional human resources organizations.

Her work is based on her conviction that all competitive differentiation is a product of an organization’s people, who as a result, are the organization’s only “non-renewable” resource.

Many businesses say that people are their most valuable asset – and yet do not provide the means for people to contribute fully. Transformational leaders truly understand the fundamental link between people and results and raise business excellence to a new level.