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Seven questions you might ask as you think about your organization’s capability


Improving Your Business Performance
Our mission is to help our clients improve business performance by aligning organizational design, leadership strategy and company culture to reinforce business strategy.

People being more productiveHRimpacts partners with you to ensure these core human systems are effective and compatible -- working in concert to deliver improved results and position you to break through to the next level of performance.

When you engage HRimpacts, you can expect solutions customized to your unique needs. We do not use packaged assessments, programs, or templates, which are usually unnecessarily complicated and cannot be relied upon to lead to effective and sustainable change.

We will make recommendations only after gaining a thorough understanding of your business goals and internal processes and your external environment. As soon as you approve our recommendations and measures of success, we will work with your management team to ensure effective implementation of the plans and adoption of changes in your organization. “Change management” is not a separate offering at HRimpacts because it is integrated into all of our work with you.

If needed, we will also provide interim Human Resources leadership to guide your business during a period of transition.


Organizational Design

Everything you produce and provide depends on a few key internal systems – business and production processes, technology and people systems, and management structure. Core components of these systems, such as leadership and succession planning, employee engagement, change management, and reward systems, have tremendous leverage on your success.

photo2 servicesMost leaders recognize the importance of each of these organizational elements. What’s often overlooked, however, is the impact of the relationship between them – the organizational design. When these systems and their component parts complement and support each other, your organization is positioned to maximize its ability to achieve your goals. When they lack cohesion, they impede progress, and in the extreme, can even completely derail forward momentum.

Our organizational design work is always grounded in the unique realities of your business. This rational approach enables us to develop practical, sustainable organizational systems to accelerate your company’s growth.

Seven questions you might ask as you think about your organization’s capability.


Leadership Strategy

Because your organization’s success today – and in the future – depends on its leaders, you can ill afford not to maximize their talent.

photo3 servicesHRimpacts helps companies develop leaders who can – and will – be successful. Our leadership strategy work is driven by your business situation and built to fit within your organization’s design,

In addition to development of an integrated leadership strategy to support your business, we provide:

  • Succession planning processes to identify and prepare leaders for future business needs and seamless transitions.
  • Targeted development planning for current and future leaders, including appropriate education, job assignments and experiences to expand each leader’s capability and impact.
  • Individual coaching to increase leaders’ contributions to results and strengthen their commitment to your success.
  • Leadership assimilation program development to help leaders who are new to their roles add value to the organization more quickly – and stay on board longer.

HRimpacts is available to implement any of these programs or to help your organization carry through with implementation internally.


Aligning Culture to Support Business Strategy

Culture refers to the accepted norms of interacting and working together and is reflected in an organization’s prevailing behaviors and internal communications.

  • Is your company’s culture supportive of your mission and strategic goals?
  • Are your employees emotionally and intellectually connected to your mission and committed to your work?

photo4 servicesIf the answer to either question is “no,” you probably know first-hand that a culture not in sync with mission can place a drag on results. If your organization has merged with another, you may know too well the challenges of blending cultures – and getting all employees to embrace the new organization.

When your organization’s existing culture does not support your mission, HRimpacts will assist your leadership team in defining the desired culture and helping your current and prospective employees understand and adopt its values and behaviors. As an outside third party, we are able to bring an objective, “baggage-free” perspective to the task.

Aligning your culture with your organization’s mission and strategy will lead to improved business results by increasing employee engagement and job performance and reducing poor hiring decisions and costly turnover.


Interim Human Resources Leadership

HRimpacts provides interim human resources leadership for organizations in need of this service.

Our background in human resources with an emphasis on business strategy prepares us to grasp your business needs quickly and apply appropriate human resources support.

We are well-suited to provide human resources leadership in situations that require simply maintaining existing human resource systems or in which senior management is seeking to improve business performance through more effective deployment of people and organizational systems.